In the beginning, we were a small fabric workshop. At the same time, we were also consumers of shower curtains. Like ourselves, our neighbours and friends often complained about various problems with the shower curtains they bought. For example, they were not waterproof enough to leave water on the floor, or they needed to be replaced frequently, and they were too light and had no texture, etc.

We started to think that we could help people solve these problems directly. Our fabrics and weaving techniques allow us to make shower curtains that meet a variety of needs. We are committed to producing shower curtains that will give our customers a new look and feel. After years of hard work, we now have tens of thousands of products. We are constantly exploring new ideas and discovering new customer needs to serve you better.


Our Logistic

Many years of trading experience have made us grow a lot.

We now have 10 warehouses located in 10 cities. We have also been working with several logistics companies for more than 10 years. There are always products in transit and distribution on land, at sea and in the air. On average, we handle more than 20000 items per day in our warehouses. For example, in our warehouse in Los Angeles, we have 20 workers handling 1000 square feet of warehouse space. Except for weekends, we can respond and process all orders before 16:00 on the same day. The items are shipped out the next day and sent to various locations.


Our Workshop

We differentiate ourselves by handcrafting the majority of our shower curtain in an artisan workshop that we are proud to own and operate. We have direct touch points all the way from raw materials to the final product in your home. This allows us to maintain utmost control and integrity, while offering the highest quality products at prices that will pleasantly surprise you.


Our Product

 What separates us from others is our sheer devotion to craft. From The most basic of stitches to the most complete shower curtain, we believe that every product we make should contain impeccable quality and meticulous attention to detail. It’s how we make beautiful products for your inspired lifestyle.


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