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About Tailored Drapes

Choosing the right drapery heading styles is essential for enhancing your room's aesthetics and functionality. Your decision should align with your décor theme, practical requirements, and personal taste. Factors such as the desired level of light control, ease of opening and closing, and the overall style of your space play a crucial role.
Whether you opt for classic styles like pinch pleats or contemporary options like grommet tops, each heading style offers a distinct visual and functional appeal. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can confidently select a curtain heading style that seamlessly integrates with your interior design vision.

Before we package our curtains into a box, we ensure they're all thoroughly ironed. However, please note that some fabrics might wrinkle a bit during packing and shipping.
Curtains with pleated heading styles are carefully packed in a fan-fold manner. This method facilitates a neat and convenient transportation and installation process.
Once you receive them, we recommend hanging them immediately. If you notice any wrinkles, a portable steamer can smooth them out.
Should you prefer using an iron, please ensure it's set to a low temperature to prevent any potential marking on the curtains.

Drapery lining is an additional fabric layer affixed to
the curtain's rear side. This layer takes your curtains beyond mere decoration, giving them a functional role. The suitable curtain lining can help darken a room by preventing unwanted light, contribute to energy efficiency by insulating the room during winter, and help to dampen external noise.
In Mrs.Awesome, you will find plenty of multiple-layered curtains, a popular choice for anyone who wants to blackout & insulate their rooms while having a luxurious look.

White Liner: There is a white fabric lining added to the drapery. Sheer drapery add white lining can blackout 30-40% of the light. Cloth drapery add white liner can blackout 50-80% of the light, which can be used in protecting privacy, adding fullness, and light filtering.
Black Liner: There is a black fabric liner added to the drapery. Sheer drapery add black lining can blackout 70-80% of the light. Cloth drapery add black liner can blackout 90-99% of the light, which can be used in protecting privacy, room darken, and energy saving.
3-Pass Liner: There is a triple weave fabric lining added to the drapery. Sheer drapery add triple weave lining can blackout 100% of the light.

For uniform folds from header to hem, training your drapes, will give your window that professional high end look.
Your drapes will hang straight, they will have beautiful folds and they won’t flare at the bottom.

Gentle cycle machine washable in cold water or hand wash.Hang dry or dry on low heat.
Wipe clean, dry clean, and do not bleach.
Steam ironing when the fabric is still damp. Some fabrics become heavier after absorbing water, so it is recommended that you use a one-piece washing machine when the curtain gets larger.

Only pin hooks included, curtain rings and rod are not included.

About Order & Return

We recommend that you purchase our color card before officially purchasing the drapery you need. In this way, you can not only feel the composition and texture of the fabric in advance, but also avoid color differences with the screen of your mobile phone or computer, thus fully ensuring your shopping experience.

We default a single panel per purchase.

If your order is not yet in production,You confirm the
changes by sending an e-mail to our after-sales service support@mrsawesomeinc.com.We can not provide you with the service of modifying the product information if you have already started the production of cutting, so please confirm the product information of your drapery before you purchase again to avoid affecting the final product you receive.

Once order was picked up by carrier, our system will send you email to advise carrier and tracking number. You may visit carrier official website to your package. You are able to work with carrier to make appointment of delivery time. You can track your order here.

If you change your mind, we will be glad to cancel your
order before it is shipped and offer you a full refund. A confirmation of your cancellation, along with your receipt, will be e-mailed to you. We will keep you updated on your refund processing. Because all our items are custom-made, we cannot issue a refund or cancel your order once it's been made or shipped.

Because all of our drapery are handcrafted for you,
unfortunately, they cannot be applied to other customers. As such, we cannot accept returns other than quality issues. Please accept our apology.

About After-sales Service

If you have any problems with your received order, feel
free to contact us support@mrsawesomeinc.com.We will reply as soon as possible and spare no effort to assist you with the order.